Climbing is an activity of scaling up a natural or artificial structure, usually with help of some form of safety equipment or fall arrest system. Climbing itself is a general term and has many discipline categorized by the techniques used to do it. To name a few:

1. Sport Climbing : is an act of climbing on a surface with fixed pre-bolted hangers and anchors as a fall arrest system. This allows climbers to push his limits and focus 100% on the movement of the climb. Considered one of the most popular form of climbing, it is what we offer in Peak To Peak Indoor Climbing.

2. Traditional Climbing : or trad-climbing is an act of climbing with removeable protection system. Climbers wedges tools such as nuts and spring loaded camming devices to cracks and crevices as they move up the rock face.

3. Bouldering : is an act of climbing on a relatively short route (typically 3-4m or less) without ropes, simply protected by a crash-pad mattress below. Bouldering typically features powerful and strenuous moves. Check out the bouldering wall on our facilities.

There are so many forms of climbing, they can’t be covered in a single webpage. If you want to learn more, visit and talk to our staff for more info, or browse our collection of climbing books for free!